Church Growth Is Built

… in a Friendly Church

Most churches self-describe themselves as friendly places. Most newcomers don’t find the church to be particularly friendly and that seriously hinders church growth.

How can this be? Actually, both are right. For those who are “in” church is usually the place of their strongest friendships. For those who are tentatively “entering” the people are too busy with their existing friendships to include them. There is no desire to exclude – at least, normally; but there is insufficient effort to include and church growth is damaged.

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The See You Next Week system starts with a book.

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Five minutes a day in this material (one chapter) will change your church.

The system that takes up where others left off! Welcoming and retaining newcomers is the subject. The 10 minutes before and after your main church meetings are the sweet spot where you win or lose. Most newcomers will give you one chance. You can at least double your retention if you follow the advice in this system. This isn’t hard core aggressive stuff. Anyone, and we do mean anyone, can get started this Sunday. You can read the book in an evening. You can follow the QR Codes and links to a growing library of online inspiration, training and useable resources.
Simple things make all the difference. This is the resource to get a great list of simple things to do to make the church the most naturally friendly place on earth for a newcomer. Who wouldn’t want to stay where there is a house full of the right kind of friends! Listen for less than 10 minutes to this free sample. It will inspire you!

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Somebody Remembered
See You Next Week! started as a series of Internet radio conversations between Robin and Gary. We realized very soon on that the things we found important and even obvious were missing in the minds and hearts of the thousands of ministry professionals who had been tuning into our program. We were around a hundred hours into the training sessions provided on that platform before we realized how basic the theme really was. What is that theme? Simply put it is how a church welcomes newcomers and systematically takes steps to integrate them into the church in a compelling but natural way. We had come to realize that while most every church wants to be good at this, all too few are because the key leaders don’t know how to train people. The fallacy most accept is that they need people with special gifting to get this right. That is just flat out wrong. You need people willing to behave in a certain way and anyone can learn how.

It starts with the book. This church growth book serves as an overall outline for the system. There is more to it than the material contained in the short chapters in the book. But because of the innovative “TidBook” format, the book only gives you a smattering or tidbit of what you need to know to welcome guests/vistors/newcomers. But for the modest price of the book you get a whole range of powerful resources. All you have to do is follow the link in the book to special pages behind the scenes on this site. Once you get the book you will be amazed at how many church health producing resources you get that go way beyond. At the same time, the book may just be enough to get some people in your church kick started into a whole new way of approaching their church involvement.


* Amazon defines a best seller as any book that has been in its top 100 for a category for one or more days.